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Well, I got all my stuff across town to my new place last weekend, with some wonderful assistants (albeit ones that need to learn the importance of cell phones).

Then, of course, the old landlord decided to change her plans on the fly and refused to be in any way agreeable. Eventually I just had to say fuck it and walk away.

Moving into the new place has been an ongoing process. I have the big stuff done, at this point, but there is still lots of stuff lying around, or sitting in the garage. Part of the problem is that I am moving into a house that is already occupied by others, and there simply isn't a convenient space for things like my table. And I'm still trying to make sense of what will and will not fit into the kitchen. Then there is the fact that several previous residents seem to have left substantial amounts of stuff in the house, which became a last minute problem at the old place because there was so much that didn't belong to either of the remaining roommates that had to be disposed of. Needless to say, I'd like to organize a cull at some point soon and sell/remove old stuff that none of us have any use for.

So I'm still in transition, and it's making me depressed/lethargic. Considering going shopping tomorrow to binge on computer games and D+D.

This morning, after having to deal with a very talkative trainee for part of the night (it would have better if I had known he was going to be there, or been able to nap before work), I discovered that I had locked myself out of my car, for the first time ever. This led to several realizations: 1) That the towing company which the site has contracted has no idea where our building is, or even the name of the company. 2) That car doors do not lock as tightly as I had imagined. and 3) That even inside a car door, something will only catch and hold when you don't want it to.

Blah. Time for a nap or something.

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