darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

Games I've been playing (PS2)

Shadow of the Colossus
The art, specifically the use of light.
The most hardcore horse ever.
Mostly interesting boss fights.

The bosses are a pain in the ass to find. I broke down and resorted to a strategy guide, because I got sick and tired of missing one turn and losing 15 minutes.I enjoy the pretty scenery a lot more when I'm not butt lost in it.
Randomly got clipped into grayspace a couple times, completely without trying.

Call of Duty III
Properly dramatic, with good orchestral music.
I doubt there is any target less sympathetic than the virtual nazi.
Ever what to stop for a minute and smell the roses? It's cool, your squadies can probably handle the objective without you.
Inhuman lead tolerance!
Playing a FPS on a PS2 controller is awkward as hell. My reaction speed was not at all what I would have liked, a problem when there is a room full of angry Germans. Especially if one gets right behind me and starts clubbing away, there is just about nothing I could do.
The germans, especially towards the end of the game, also benefit from the inhuman lead tolerance. It's disheartening to realize that 3 rounds from an SMG to the chest at 5 feet will not kill one.
Looking through the site on your gun? That is where the bullet will hit...50% of the time.

Currently Playing: Okami
Pros: Beautiful Japanese art inspired by traditional paintings.
The magic paint brush mechanic is interesting.
The mythology is, so far as I know, well researched.
Solid mechanics, inventory, etc.
Every magical or female character has all of their dialogue accompanied by a high pitiched sound that is quite annoying to listen to. Since you have a spirit bug as your primary companion, this is most of it.
Having done calligraphy, having to watch myself mess up horribly trying to do it with a damn joystick is torturous.
Sometimes uncertain where to go next, or whether there is more stuff to do in the current area.

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