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New Year [Dec. 30th, 2004|09:20 am]
[mood |awakeawake]

I'm leaving KC today, and will be cleaning the house in Des Moines this afternoon. However, due to the weather conditions between the Twin Cities and Chicago, my grandparents will not be coming. This means that I have new years eve free, contrary to previous plans. Anyone in the area have have anything going on that I can get involved in?
I won't be able to actually check this again until the 31st, so RSVP is sort of impossible, sorry.

[User Picture]From: nathan_lounge
2004-12-30 10:59 am (UTC)
I'm around New Years. As is Kate. Kate was talking about a couple things with her friends, but we have no set plans as of yet. Give us a call or email Kate or I whenever you see this. also, if you're around tonight I'm looking for something to do while Kate is out.

Kate's cell is 610-453-4850
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