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Yar! [Nov. 1st, 2008|02:11 am]
[mood |excitedexcited]

Apparently it is a good idea to randomly browse the "Mac games" section of Amazon while bored at work. In this case, I discovered that one of my favorite games of all time, the remake of Sid Meier's Pirates!, was released for Mac last month. I had a hell of a time tracking down the system requirements, but fortunately the laptop will be able to run it! A wonderful post-election present.

The game ranks as one of my all-time favorites for two reasons. First, the world isn't completely static. While the scenario you start with does set which cities do and do not exist, those cities may well change over the course of the game without your interference, making each game even set within the same era different.

On the other hand, if you want to get involved in war & politics, you have the ability to alter the map on a grand scale. The ability to overrun cities and change their allegiance, not to mention preferentially attack the shipping of a particular country will greatly influence the course of events. This kind of personal influence on history is rare, and rather appropriate for a game set in an area of early colonization, where individuals and sometimes serendipitous actions did often have an outsized influence on the success or even survival of settlements.

[User Picture]From: nathan_lounge
2008-11-01 08:57 pm (UTC)
You know, I never played Pirates. Which is odd because it stormed BSFFA during a year I wasn't particularly doing anything.

I just started playing the Fallout series. Last night I accidentally killed everyone in an outpost town because of a fight with a random guard. Whoops.
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