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eep. [Jan. 19th, 2005|10:11 pm]
Rob LaFleur= the workinest. Not sure I care enough about his class to actually do the mountain of work that I would need to do every Tuesday (the class only meets 7-11PM Tuesdays, so everything is very condensed).Other than that, classes seem good. Physics is science, and hence much work that I idslike, but at least light is somewhat cooler than other stuff. MPT is amazing of course, and while HOP II is much to big I assume it will be fine. Really, just very worried about the science/Rob combo being bad for me, as I don't want any class to be short changed, as those two will crete the most work by far. It's only the second day and I feel like I'm already in the thick of things. Maybe that's good.
Have no class tomorrow, so tried doing some calligraphy tonight. Damn I've lost a lot. Got bored quickly, other stuff was happening, so stopped after five characters. Will try and keep it up, I don't really want to lost the skill.
Need to clean my room up. Should have done that by now. Guess that sounds like a project for tomorrow, my free day. Also need to talk to Audra/Tom, go to FACS, etc.
Enough. Later.

From: padrecsj
2005-01-20 04:50 am (UTC)
I believe HOP II can be as big as people want to make it, as long as the dumb people don't waste too much precious lecture time with questions. I really think that class should be all about the prof pouring lots of different philosophies into your head and helping make the connections between both the obvious ones like Descartes and Kant, but also less obvious connections. There is not a lot of discussion that is needed since it should just cover all the basis, at least in my world anyway. And you have highlighted the real problem I have with Div I, work, so I completely sympathize.
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