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I did it.
I assisted in the creation of a successful, functioning FYI as a social as well as academic group.
I watched them today, during the time set aside for me to talk to them without the professor. They were chatting, laughing, and otherwise acting as a loose friends group. It was incredible. I'm so happy I decided to do this right now, I definitely think I want to do this again.
Of course, most of it was their own hard work. Sadique and I certainly didn't suggest that they all hang out together outside of class, but they did. And while they will certainly split and go different ways in no long time, for now at least they are together. And that is more than most FYIs accomplish, so I have to be proud.

Um, in other news, still no computer. Actually declared my major, and should get my classes for this semester no problem, because Ann is being far more flexible than Nancy was. Looking forward to people moving back in, and life getting back to normal.
I guess that's all.

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