darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

Campaign end and beginning (read: gamer babbling)

Last night was the last session of Gordon's Exalted campaign. While that particular session was a gigantic pile of choad, the game itself was generally very good. More comments can be had if people are interested.
The most interesting thing surrounding the end of the game is the fact that this campaign is the interest that many players seem to have in storytelling the aftermath. While there was a wrap up at the end, there were conversations conducted well into the night about what happened afterwards. Now, I understand this, to a certain extent. I did have a basic idea developed before hand as to what Echo was going to do afterwards, if he were still alive. But the scale of what people seem to want to do has me more than a little surprised. After all, two of the players are gods now, and two others go off pretty immediately and do things like set themselves into crazy seals for a thousand years. So the dynamic of this "game" is different already. Next, most of the characters have reached the point where there is not much that can harm them if they don't go looking for it. Rallie obviously goes lookin for it, but Echo is probably safe for the next long time from any real threat to his being. And during that time we only grow in power. It's going to be a lot strange.
At the same time, I'm getting ready to start the next Exalted campaign, which is beginning this weekend. Way less time to create, rethink, and modify a character than i would like, but apparently Gordon is hot to go on this new game. It'll be fun. I'm not sure a group of myself, Anna, Genghis, Andrew, Matt (Flynn), and Becca can go wrong. And being Dragon Blooded and Sidereals only makes it better.
Ok, enough babble. Maybe you'll get a real update some day.

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