darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

In Cleveland

I'm in Cleveland, visiting nathan_lounge . It's been good, but I wanted to include a few observations of the tour of downtown Cleveland that I got yesterday. 

The most striking thing about the downtown is just how empty most of it is. Many of the smaller buildings have "for sale/lease" signs on them, and the street traffic was fairly minimal, even though we were driving around at noon. Shopping centers weren't busy, traffic wasn't heavy, and parking was readily available. It wasn't a pit or a ghetto, but rather almost like a graveyard, with the large old stone buildings towering over the streets. It's unfortunate to see any cities in such decline, even though I doubt Cleveland is the worst in the nation, especially right now. 

Another thing that surprised me, is the way skyscrapers are distributed around the downtown. It's fairly haphazard, with them sort of jutting out from the rest of the buildings at some separation from each other. To keep pushing the graveyard simile, they were the obelisks standing up from the sea of headstones, though hopefully they still have some life in them.

A last note was that most of the people in the downtown proper were clearly office workers. Downtown Cleveland is, exculsively, a place of business. 

It was a remarkable contrast from Minneapolis, where even on the end of downtown where I work, there is a constant swirl of activity, and by people from all levels of society. 

Alright, it's time for another adventure, so I better wrap it up. It's been a good trip, so far. 

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