darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

Delarpia gone too far

No, I didn't play in the big BSFFA event last night. I got to have my own private delusions in the comfort of my room.
For the Exalted types: image combat in the Wyld. Not shaping combat, but combat with things, where the winner and loser aren't clear and either of them could be changed by the fight. Knew I was "me" but what that was, I couldn't tell you.
Better today. Still sick, but tmy body temp is largely under control, no lnoger dizzy, and my headache is very mild. At least it came at a reatively good time: nothing important in class yesterday, and today I have no immediate obligations whatsoever. Do need to get better by tomorrow, though. That should be possible, as the two cases I know of have gotten better today.
So until then, I'm bumming around, do nothing. Sad.
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