darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

Break Synopsis

Played video games Friday and Saturday. Got sick Sunday. Functionally sick Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, though I managed to pick up games a bit at this point. Since I botched my sleep check Tuesday night, most of Wednesday was spent recovering.I also made a schedule Wednesday night of all the work that I was going to get done the rest of break. Like that happened.
Thursday still meh, don't really remeber what I did besides cleaned my room.
Friday was Russell's game. Love Chosen, didn't care for some of the other players and what they were trying to do with the game.
Saturday involved a little bit of actual work, in that I went to the Library and copied the book for Chinese. Other than that I bummed around.
Sunday was a lot of slack, going to dinner twice, and up late politicing. Now I'm still as behind as I was.
Not happy with break.

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