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2010: Reading Review

Before I post a review of the last book I started in 2010, I wanted to give a brief overview of reading throughout the year.
2010 was a great year for my reading habits. I got enough time to read at work (especially in the spring, when there were long hours in the loading dock), and the habit got noticed by coworkers such that I've now loaned out a few books. Being able to pass things on and spread the habit is something I'm proud of.
Also, totaling up the page count from last year, I'm proud to announce in 2010 I read 5,690 pages, above my goal of 5000. I'm pleased, and I'm even more pleased that I discovered using this space to review books, and therefore organize my thoughts about them. It's been good for me, and hopefully some of you have enjoyed them as well.
In 2011 my reading habits may well change. For one thing, two of my christmas gifts were subscriptions to highbrow magazines, and once those subscriptions actually start I may find the more episodic nature of articles fits in better with my work reading habits than do full books. Still, I hope to get through at least a few as the year progresses. There are always more on the shelves, after all.
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