darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

Bored, bored, bored

Class in half hour. Don't want to go back to room. Hmmm. Time to babble I guess.

I have temporarily got a drug to help the roleplaying deprivation shakes I've been having: L5R larp. Geeking out about a few weeks ago for only an hour and a half managed to keep my spirits up throughout a three hour meeting afterwards. Didn't realize there were anybody here besides myself and Alex that knew L5R, but it's a very nice surprise.
If I've seemed down lately, it's because I have been. Behind on Work + BelCon+ Phi Psi+ No plans for Summer= BOOM. Granted, it's more like a subterranean explosives test that a demolition, but it's till be bad. I assume/hope things will get better.
Registration wasn't that fun this time. I don't think it will be any fun at all when I do it for spring. I think a lot of that has to do with it being automatic: there were very clearly some specific things I'm taking and that was almost the extent of the interesting classes. Here's what I'm taking:
Comparative Politics of the Middle East MW 2-4
Ethical Theory MWF 11
Statistics 9-11 TTH
Social Capital 1-3 TTH
Not terribly happy with it, but I'll deal. The first three are require, assuming I declare the Philosophy minor I'm eyeing. The last supplements my major, even if I don't meet the prereqs, and will hopefully be a good class. The semester after, I just need to take two Philosophy classes and a Poli Sci, and that's it. Ann has suggested I through a special project in there somewhere, don't have any ideas about that though.
Ok, people need computers and I like pinball, so away I go.

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