October 11th, 2004



This weekend was pretty good. Exalted and LARP makes my Saturdays a lot more busy than I would like, however. I'm glad that Liljen can opt out for a week if I want him to.
Rome:Total War is the absolute beats. I wish I had time to play it RIGHT NOW.
Meetings made me sad, and were absolute shit. Although I think its vaguely funny that there is a quote on the lounge board that can't be explained (closed meetings, you're the shadiest, and you shouldn't happen again for the reason given at this meeting).
THis week I have much more work to do than I've had so far. Which is unfortunate, but it isn't really that much. Just a quiz, calligraphy, and a midterm paper Wednesday, and an Annotated biblio for Friday.
Still, should get up early tomorrow and get everything done.
Have an Exalted get together session tonight. I'm kind of wavering on running it, but I guess I'm kind of stuck now. Its too bad that shooting shit didn't work out.
Decided to take John's class as a mental health hour. So what do I do? Rome. Damn.

*edit:* I can't believe I posted something like this. This s mostly the thing I'm trying to avoid, a shallow recounting of events.
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