January 19th, 2005



Rob LaFleur= the workinest. Not sure I care enough about his class to actually do the mountain of work that I would need to do every Tuesday (the class only meets 7-11PM Tuesdays, so everything is very condensed).Other than that, classes seem good. Physics is science, and hence much work that I idslike, but at least light is somewhat cooler than other stuff. MPT is amazing of course, and while HOP II is much to big I assume it will be fine. Really, just very worried about the science/Rob combo being bad for me, as I don't want any class to be short changed, as those two will crete the most work by far. It's only the second day and I feel like I'm already in the thick of things. Maybe that's good.
Have no class tomorrow, so tried doing some calligraphy tonight. Damn I've lost a lot. Got bored quickly, other stuff was happening, so stopped after five characters. Will try and keep it up, I don't really want to lost the skill.
Need to clean my room up. Should have done that by now. Guess that sounds like a project for tomorrow, my free day. Also need to talk to Audra/Tom, go to FACS, etc.
Enough. Later.