May 18th, 2005


Relatively lucid

So apparently my Dad knows someone who's wife runs the Northwestern internship program, and apparently there are still paying positions on campus that need to be filled. Getting something that both looked awesome on resume, paid monies, and had the same commute as my parents would be so sexy its sick. She's out of town until Monday, so for now the job search has kind of taken a backseat, which I'm really happy about. Now I just have to mess around with cleaning my room.
This is a much bigger job than it sounds like: I never really unpacked from when we moved in the fall, because I was only here for winter break and then grandma stuff and cold weather seriously impaired my ability to do it then. So, pile of boxes of non-critical stuff, meet pile of boxes fresh from Beloit. Play nice, stack well, and maybe I can get you all put away some where.
The fact that I didn't store as much stuff as usual at Beloit is also hurting: things like my trash can, sheets, and lamp should have all gone into storage, but I didn't get around to it in the frantic last minute packing I did. So now they're here. That my room is also small er than my last room isn't helping. It's ab out the same size as a normal beloit single, or maybe a little bigger, but I appear to have accumulated a lot of stuff over my lifetime, even if I have given/thrown a lot of it away. Strange, I haddn't thought I was that much of a materialist, but the wealth of boxes is proving me wrong.
Ok, enoungh babbling, time to actually work on it.