May 22nd, 2005


Incognito update

Family has been here this weekend, hence the lack of online presence. That should change again tomorrow, when they leave to return to St. Louis. Right now everyone else is at a botanical garden, something that I was not terribly interested after doing forced labor in our garden this afternoon (it wasn't so bad, really). And since I thought they were legitamtely asking whether I wanted to go, I said that I didn't and stayed behind to chop veggies for dinner.
I like my family a lot, in that they are pretty much completely different from me in every way and we still get along fine. That's not entirely true: my cousin David did manage to get me to see Star Wars last night, so I guess he is part geek. Not a big one, but some of one.
The really unfortunate thing is that I've wanted to do nothing this weekend but crawl into my basement hole and work on my superweapons. Not the best way to entertain family. I've been taking that time at night, because everyone turns in pretty early, and they know I sleep in (which is only because I usually don't go to bed before 2...), but it doesn't seem to be enough. Not sure how to fix the problem, I'll probably apologize to my cousin in private sometime. The superweapons will probably be ready on time, sometime in the early part of October.
*Shrug* I guess that's all I got. Later everyone.
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Public Service Announcement

Good citizens of friendly LJ space,
Now begins the portion of the semester where I become an LJ fiend, if you hadn't already noticed. I may add any number of people to my friends list that I would not add otherwise. I will try, whenever possible, to not be hypocritical about things and follow what I've said in my info. This does not mean that just because I'm only adding you now means I don't like you as much, but rather I have much more time that I am willing to use to fuss with Lj. I will also probably do some sort of inverse process at the end of the summer, when I winnow down the list so that I can quickly peruse it during busy Beloit days. Again, getting cut here is not something that should offend you: it has a lot to do with which people I actually like reading. And I don't consideer my own journal to be one worth reading, so don't take it to hard.
Thank you for your understanding as we all adjust to this more isolated, less fun time of the year.