January 8th, 2006


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I went shopping yesterday, and picked up two valuable additions to my library: Shadowrun 4th Edition, and The Fighting Techniques of the Middle Ages. The first book is rather self explanatory. THe second was something I randomly found while browsing in the history section, and is a well detailed account of the various aspects of different medieval armies. While by no means comprehensive(its only 300 pages, after all), it does seem to cover most of the important transitions of thye time, complete with tactical diagrams of important battles and pictures of period military kits. It's strictly European/Eurasian, which also helps limits its length.
Today involved a much less exciting activity, helping my dad put files into a filing cabinet. Can I say how glad I am that archiving of personal data has gone electronic? Cause otherwise I might still be at it, or have to go back tomorrow or somesuch. As it was, it only took two hours.
I ordered Heroes of Might and Magic IV, as I enjoyed II and needed a new game. I really wish it had arrived yesterday, because the old games I have around here aren't cutting it currently. And if a previous installment was a godd game, this one has to be good, right? Here's hoping it shows up tomorrow.
That's really the gist of my current activites. There is a rhubarb pie downstairs that needs to be eaten. Mmm, pie.
*Edit: oh yeah, i guess I should really start my special project reading or some such. Hmmm. How 'bout that. Maybe that'll get on the agenda before reading/random escapism....