February 20th, 2006



Got my computer back from the shop on Saturday, with a lot of help from Zee. Immediately noticed they had changed the front plate, in that there was no irritating light. Noticed a bit later that the speakers, I assume part of a related system, didn't work. I could still get sound through headphones, so it wasn't anything moronic.
Last night, I noticed a problem with a DvD, in that there were a lot of angry red dots that showed up while I was watching. This didn't happen Saturday night, when I watched a different DvD. This seems fairly minor, no big deal.
Then, about 1:30 last night, I turned away from the computer to do some reading, and when I turned back, the screen was black.
Now it won't restart. No idea why.
I think the CompUSA people owe me some explanations, some money, and perhaps some free service. This is much worse than it was before. At least before, I knew the computer wasn't dead. Now I don't know. Looks like I get to go down there again today. Oh Boy.

It lives!

Hurrah for the nice CompUSA people! Turns out that the speakers weren't working because they hadn't been hooked up properly.
And the computer wouldn't turn on because the motherboard battery was absymally low. They did all the work (including getting a new battery) at no cost. All while I waited.
Now hopefully I'm out of the woods. I'll back the important stuff up to gmail just in case.
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