June 4th, 2006


This would be easier if I had written things down in the last week, or if I weren't in Chicago.

I moved into my apartment last Thursday. Since that time I have not had internet access, and so have been remarkably removed from, well, everything, until now. Right now I'm at my parent's house, where I am visiting in order to load my car with stuff that will make me better able to live in my apartment. It also gives me access, which I won't have in St. Paul for another few days.
I am rather tired at this point at won't attempt to make some sort of comprehensive post about things learned, etc.
But I do want to include an anecdote: my first trip to the grocery store last thursday saw me buying what I consider some staple vegetables: onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes. It wasn't until I got home that I really realized that I had not only nothing to cook them on, I had nothing to eat them off of, or anything to season them with. While these problems were all solved eventually, it was certainly an eye-opener. Lacking the capital items to make food has never been a problem before, and so while I've been fixing that, there are still many things I'm used to having around that are unavailable.
Internet access: apparently the tenant before me was a jerk, which I will accept because he left an unpaid cable bill. As cable and internet are handled by the same company (Comcast), this meant that comcast wouldn't touch my place until I could prove (with a copy of my lease) that I was living there now. Well, I didn't get that until this Thursday, which means it'll take a while longer for it to find it's way through the corporate bureacracy and actually result in me getting access. But hopefully all will be well by this weekend.
And it's really disorienting not to have net access, especially when I really don't know anything about the area around me, and the internet is what I immediately turn to for all my random info.
The one thing I seem to have at least started on figuring out is my gaming life: specifically, a store that Jeff knows, and that I have now visited, is running a summer roleplaying event. The idea is that it's a a bunch of interwoven campaigns of the same system, with a game running each day of the week. You can only play in one game a week, and have to buy the core book, but other than that you can move games as you like, it seems. The system of choice this year? Shadowrun 4th Edition. That's right, I'll be running all summer. Pretty excited about that.
It was good to see, Will, Iris, Zee, and Maggie on my stop through Madison. Hanging out was fun, as was the state capital (which I found much more fascinating than the market outside. Hurrah for synergistic travel! May have to do this every once and a while.
And that's it for now. More perhaps later, certainly when I am better situated in St. Paul.
P.S. If anyone in Beloit would be interested in me visiting Sunday or perhaps Monday, they should let me now. I haven't made plans yet, but I'll be heading back that way and if people want me to stop or whatever I might be able to do that.
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So you all know

Zee and I broke up after graduation. I apologize that I didn't post about this sooner, but I've been rather busy with other things.
It was an amicable break up, and we're still friends. It just became obvious to both of us that we were going different ways, both in terms of how we thought of ourselves, as well as our physical locations: She was staying Madison, I was going to the Twin Cities. With that, I didn't think it would have been a good idea to maintain it.
I don't think condolences are in order, as I'm not shaken up about it. I just realized that there were plenty of people that probably didn't know, and that probably should before awkward questions arose.
If people have questions feel free to ask, preferably by AIM if they are of an involved nature.