April 25th, 2008


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So the client thinks they can keep us off the internet by banning our laptops? They got another thing coming.

EDIT: OK, now that I have more time to write, I'll give this a bit more ranting.

The client has had a standing policy that we are not allowed on the internet during our shifts. Now, there is something to this: the guards stationed at the desk during peak hours should have their customer service face on, especially since the way the desk is set up anybody can see what they are looking at.

How do we get to the internet from the desk? Well, we have to use the desk computers for some administrative functions, and those computers have Explorer on them. In fact, you don't even have to go looking for it, it's right down in the dock.

Of course, it's also funny when employees ask us about things like the forecast, or the market performance for the day, because we officially aren't allowed to help them.

Clearly, if we using laptops for internet access enough to worry them, there is a demand among the guards for internet access during the workday. And who can blame us for that? One of the things we are consistently asked to do is keep ourselves entertained, and the internet is a massive aid in that regard.

And as long as that demand remains, we'll find a way to get online. In this fascinating modern age we live in, I can connect to the 'net from a cell phone or similar handheld device. This does two things. First, it makes it much harder for the client to catch on to the fact that I'm online, as I can easily conceal the device in the uniform. Second, as these devices frequently make use of other networks (which certainly cover the downtown of a major city), we get around all of the blocks they have put on their network connection. Sooner or later some flex officer with a little low cunning and an iPhone is going to realize they can have a porn marathon at work.

So all this ban will end up doing is driving internet use a bit farther underground. Instead of acknowledging the demand and regulating it, they'll keep having to fight similar battles for years to come. All while further alienating a group of the people they rely on to keep their building safe.

Bang-up leadership, guys.