August 8th, 2008


It's been a bit long, hasn't it?

Going from a six hour busride to work(and a twleve hour workday at that) in less than 45 minutes? Lame.

The coming mess that is going to be RNC week? Also lame.

But getting away for a few days with my parents was good. I hadn't had a lake vacation in a number of years, and it is nice to realize there are places just a little farther north where this season is not miserable most of the time.

I'm glad the sun is no longer rising at 5 AM. Makes my job a lot easier, in that I believe an earlier sunrise encourages other people to come to work earlier, which I wish to strongly discourage.

Zee is going to come for a visit, which was a nice surprise that made the week.

Preseason Vikings football tonight. Excited that football is warming back up, with the notable exception of the drama in Green Bay. Now I just need to decide whether feeding this particular addiction is worth getting cable for three months.

Life is generally pretty good.