November 25th, 2008



Have invaded the house, through some unknown entry(it's an old house, there are probably several ways in).

The thing is, they are some of the strangest mice I've ever heard of. They don't seem to care about food, because we aren't seeing them in the kitchen (and my roommates do store easily accessible food at ground level). They do seem to have an affinity for the traps, because they keep getting caught. But they have been caught in some weird ways.

Probably the weirdest is the one that I just cleaned out(I am the least grossed out by this job, so it falls to me). It was in the covered trap, which up to this point had not caught a thing. But I picked it up and was face to face with the (dead)mouse. This is rather bizarre because the bait is inside, so he was backwards of what you would expect. As I went to work getting him out of there, it struck me that he had backed himself up to the reservoir where the bait goes: like he considered it a public toilet.

It's just bizarre to me.