June 7th, 2009


(no subject)

 I've been playing a LOT of TES:Oblivion. It's consumed a fair portion of this weekend, and most of the last one. Good times, generally.

I bought a DS from a roommate(who is moving out) Thursday night. Maybe not the best deal, but it came with two Final Fantasy games, so I know I'm getting something I'll like. I haven't played with it much, though, because I can't play it at work, and I have Oblivion at home. 

Other than that, life is alright. I work a lot, because we've been short. 

I only have one other roommate right now. It's strange, but it's a luxury that I know I'll be paying for, so I'm glad that somebody else will be moving in in July. 

Oh, and I've been enjoying the cold weather, especially if it means we'll have less full-blown summer. 

Good luck out there.