May 15th, 2010



Just played my first frisbee in years. It was great, especially since most of the group was at about my skill and fitness level. Had a great layout catch, had a person go over my back on a collision, and kind of wanted to rip my nose off in the hopes that a gaping whole would give me more oxygen.
It has occurred to me for a while that by this time of year, I would have spent more time "after Beloit" than I spent at Beloit. This was originally conceived as a sad conclusion: that I really hadn't done much in that time but pound away at the same boring, dead-end job, not form many new friendships, etc. But now, I'm basically living the life that I wanted four years ago. Things aren't perfect, but they're pretty damn good, and often for reasons I haven't really had much to do with. So for now, it's a good conclusion: things are different, sure, but better than ever.