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I carry disease! I enjoy opera!

At least half of ratbert's line is currently true for me: I have lice. Found out yeterday.
The thing about it is, the actual lice aren't so bad. They really don't hurt that much, certainly not in contrast to the comb needed to extract them. But knowing that they're there causes my scalp to itch a lot. It also changes how I interact with people: I don't wander into lounges or other people's rooms anymore. I have to be careful about what I'm wearing, although I'm not sure why I'm worried about that because that only stops reinfestation, and I haven't stopped the first one yet. Feel guilty for going out in public, and that I have to tell people that I've got 'em. And know that people are freaking out. It's a very different feeling from being sick: here I feel like I didn't do enough to prevent them, and know I have to work extra hard to get them out. Maybe because if I just sit they eat my brain forever. Myabe because this sor of thing spreading isn't assumed the way it is for most diseases around here: lice aren't transmitted by air, after all.
Tried a licekilling shampoo from the pharmacy last night. Definitely didn't work. Now finding things from the internet that I hope will help.
I have also cut my hair. Much shorter than I ever wanted it to be again. Right about shoulder length, which isn't quite enough to pull back. But it definitely makes using a nit comb easier.
Fortunately, I sort of have the time to do all the work it takes. And Zee has been incredibly helpful: if not for her I still wouldn't know I had them. I just hope she doesn't get them, because that would be a terrible reward for some truly remarkable acts of friendship.

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