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End of the term announcements

"I really like what you have put together with the part of the paper that you were able to give me. I don't expect further work, but I really think that you are on to a number of useful angles...

This has Symposium potential...and I would be happy to advise it if you choose to pursue it in, say, an autumn Symposium.
Best, Rob"

This about the 2/3 completed paper submitted more than a day late. In the class where I haven't done enoough work, and still learned a lot. And the professors assured me of a good grade prior to this. I don't know why I'm allowed to win this much. I certainly don't deserve it.
Of course I'll pursue this, I need something like this. Now I just need to see if I can make it a special project....

I'll be home Sunday night, but that's family time. I'll let Chicagoland people know when I'm available again: between chorse they've been saving for me, looking for work stuff, and general lethargy it may be a few days. Let me know if/when people want to do something specific.

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