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This is one of those times when I hate LJ - Thoughts for sharing — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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This is one of those times when I hate LJ [May. 30th, 2005|06:02 pm]
I will not, will not continue the "open questions" meme floating around, as much as I might ask questions of other people. If you want to ask me in person that's fine, or via AIM is ok in the present circumstances, and I will answer pretty much any question in one of those two formats.
But if you haven't got the balls to ask me one-on-one than you don't get to know. That's just the way I run my life. Feel free to argue with me about that as a viable opinion as much as you would like.

[User Picture]From: lerite
2005-05-31 02:56 am (UTC)
Not wanting to answer questions is a perfectly valid reason to not do the meme. I am fine with such people asking me questions (see my reason for doing it in the first place). I see it as a way for people to clear things up with me that they might not get around to in person.
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