darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

Where to begin?

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it?
I have a Sociology professor that, despite his personal reservations about doing so, will probably end up giving me an unpaid research internship for the summer. His name is Gary Alan Fine. Not prescisely my field, but if this winds up in paper form at some point I think I win regardless.
That means that my parents will also start nagging me to find a part time job...not so excited about that. maybe a temp agency can hook me up in that regard though. I'll have to see next week.
I hung out with Iris and Will, and met Gretchin and her VA people. Generally a good time. Also ran intoa friend from home as I was leaving the hotel, which resulted in a short (as usual, he was dead tired) conversation about what has been happening in Des Moines. Apparently, fate is playing a fairle predictable, but not altogether bad, game with the people I used to know. Best of luck them.
I snuck my computer upstairs on Saturday night in order to update all my games, only to discover that EU II was updated with the wrong updater, after I had gotten really excited about playing it again. BTW, anyone who fixes Master of Orion II such that ground battles don't crash the game will be the hero of the small group of people that still avidly play the game (such as myself).
Had first day of temp job today. Office has good people, low traffic, air conditioning, and menial file sorting. Other than that last bit, a thing that I can really enjoy. I like being paid to answer a phone and be bored.
My internet time may be limited in the future, as it is way warmer up here than in my sweet, sweet basement cave. I don't think this actually matters to anyone, but y'know, I figured I'd tell people.
Also realized, in talking to Gordon,that I am once again behind on Exalted books. None to happy about it , but I don't particularily want to order anything while I still have something else in the mail.
Depending howw much money I make this summer, I may be attempting to start an L5R library. Because I <3 L5R and I'm glad someone is running it, even if in LARP form. I already have Way of the Dragon and Way of the Lion on order, so hopefully they will show soon.
I think that's everything relevant. Other than crazy roleplaying ideas generated by lots of daydreaming on the job (which wasn't a problem, given the number of files I have to sort), which I may discuss later.
boumph *Disappears in cloud of smoke*

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