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Today, I was in the grocery store with orders to pick up some sausage. As I am maaking my way obliviously through the store with thee sausage in a cart, another shopper stops me to tell me that he's a butcher in the area. My initial thought is "sweet, butcher shops are always good to know about", but he then proceeds to tell me that he has a diet that he feeds his pigs and cows that makes them so high in omega-3 fatty acid that it causes a high. That he had to register this stuff with the police because it affects people so strongly. Needless to say, I am intrigued by the concept of this meat/drug, and will have to see if it lives up to his claims. Apparently is place is at about 1100 Central St. in Wilmette, for you chicagoland people.
I checked his fingers. Cuts, red under the nails, and dry skin at the base(from the freezer, of course). Fingers don't lie, that man was a butcher or something very ssimilar.
Other than that, up and down. Most just surviving at this point. Need to see people again before I come up with more crazy ideas. And because, unfortunately, AIM just isn't quite the same. I don't think that I can do a major trip this summer, but I'm hoping to get up to Beloit at least once more.
Can't really think of much else to but here. Maybe I'll think of something later and add it.
Oh yes. Justin (Ocarina) is amazing and I'm happy that he came on board for my big project. He's been nitpicky enough that I've hd to develop bits of my world that I wouldn't have had to otherwise, and I'm happy about that.
I don't expect I'll have anything to show for people before school starts though. I want to have a better idea of what kind of a player base I actually have before I plan a lot of things.

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