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Today was spent painting the garage. During the process of doing so, it is inevitable that many small bugs get trapped either in crevasses, or just by landing in the paint. Does this mean that my garage will soon become haunted by bug spirits/filled with necromantic energy that I can use for my own purposes?
I now am the proud possesor of an L5R second edition Player's guide. The scary thing is that I already know way more than is listed in the setting chapter. I have been off and on a kick for a while, as should be obvious by now. I should soon either be going full steam or off it, now that I have the ability to actually make characters. Hopefully the latter, as there are plenty of things that I can, should be spending more time on. Like my political game. Still need to name the continent, for gods' sake.
Money running through fingers like water...vaguely wish I had more of a job. On the other hand, I don't need most of the things I would buy.
If there are games that people want me to run. they should let me know. I know Ramona has in the past requested 7th Sea, and I'm wondering if there's anybody else out there that thinks I should run this or that that I talk about but have never (or rarely) run, mostly due to my hatred of gming.
It's been way to long since I've seen people. This needs to change, somehow someway. I'm going to try and get up to Beloit and visit at least one more weekend,and hopefully get at least one other place this summer.
I had an idea, if anyone currently at Beloit is willing to run this with me: I brought home a pile more stuff than I'm using this summer, for one reason or another. I'd prefer not to have to bring it all back in one massive carload if I can help it. Is there anybody that will be in there room until at least the 17th who's ok with being storage space? I know it's a pain to deal with other people's crap, so nobody should feel obligated. Just a thought for my own convenience.

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