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Come visit! [Jul. 26th, 2005|12:21 pm]
Been having some computer problems, hope this works.
So, my parents are on vacation until the weekend, and I have the house to myself. While I am working away steadily on my reserch project, I also have plenty of time to do other things. I would also prefer that those other things be people and not video games. So anyone who wants to should drop me a line and come visit me sometime in the next few days. I have quality lodgings available as well if you need them.
As a sidenote, I'm not ready to have my own house. Especially with a blooming garden attached. This doesn't mean that the house will be in terrible shape anytime soon, but rather that I don't need many of the specific comforts that a place like this provides, and it is more work to maintain than an apartment and certainly more than a dorm room.

[User Picture]From: nathan_lounge
2005-07-26 01:13 pm (UTC)

Here here!

Props for both David and phrases out of context.
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