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Two weeks

That's right, summer is almost over, at least for me. Kind of a scary thing, but I've been ready for that to happen for several weeks certainly.
I just hope that frosh week doesn't kill me this time, starting of on a bad foot really hurts.
Rich was right, I need to worry less about meetings.
There was delicious hanging out with the Chicago people. It was awesome, although I apologize that I spaced out in front of the tube. Video games do that to me, as most people well know.
I am significantly behind on preparing stuff for my political game. The problem is that while its fun to think about, actually writing stuff down so that other people can read it is boring as hell. Justin has been a big help in defining some aspects of the world that I hadn't thought too much about, and I've already started pre-game stuff with him. He's not exactly a co-Gm...it's more like I'm running a side game for him. Kinda weird, but like I said it's been helpful.
As a related side note, I should really sit down and plan out the beginning of the school year, what I want to run when, etc. On second thought, we should all do this.
Ok, now I'm on a different tangent and just want to finish this. Later

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