darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

Observations for the end of summer

Because everyone must conform to some social trends. Especially those that are caused by transitions.

-August is not so much a month as a long week.
-Packing is much easier when you never unpacked in the first place.
_This marks the fourth consecutive year that I have gotten to Beloit at least 6 days before classes start. Apparently I like the place a whole lot.
-The FYI text keeps getting better every year. As I've now read (most) of three of the last four.
-Evanston is a much better place to be in the summer than I expected. This house still sucks, but not as much as I thought it would.
-Mmmm, fresh rhubarb pie.
_the perfect marinade still taunts me from its unattainable lofty position, after it was discovered by accident early in the summer when experimenting with random, unremembered ingredients.
-I see some of the allure of maintaining a garden. But damn, some plants are bitchy about how they're treated.
-Droughts are awesome, becuase they mean that I haven't needed to mow the lawn since the ninth day of June.
-Summer is the time where I do the crazy plotting that results in crazy roleplaying ideas. Last year it resulted in D-Day: the RPG. This year, it's Diplomacy: the RPG, apparently. Although not everything is together for the(insert good name here) game, I happy that I've made significant progress on things, and that I have a unique project to contribute to the BSFFA community.
-Professors that send out early booklists so that they can all arrive from Amazon with pelnty of time are awesome.
-I'm graduating when? shit.

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