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Calligraphy talk

This entry can best be described as babble about one of my classes. Feel free to not read it, as I understand its fairly boring.

Calligraphy is the class that is going to be respoinsible for most of my homework this semester. I have to do about 7-8 sheets a week, due on Monday. Now, I originaally thought this was going to take a substantial time investment, as caalligraphy is something that is supposed to be done slowwly and witha fair amount of care. However, after several frustrating sheets where not only was my slow calligraphy still looking like shit, but my arm was tired and I had to stop. As such, finishing calligraphy on timee wwas a probleem as I couldn't do it all at the last minute, as I'm used to.
There are a couple things that I've discovered that have helped me pick up the pace. First, I used to try doing three different characters on one sheet. Bad idea, its much easier to just do the same one over and over. Also, holding the brush fully upright is just unpossible, and makes the strokes look not right anyway. My fingers arre choked up a lot, but still in roughly the right positions. Also, I just do the strokes faster. They don't really look any worse, and I feel better about them as there is less time invested in each of them.
I can do about one sheet (15 characters) in a half hour now. Of course, like doing art, there are sometimes when you just can't do it. Like just now, where I picked up the brush to do a sheet and realized that my hands were twitchy and shaking. I did the sheet anyway, because I had already poured the ink, but I can't do anymore because it just looks bad. Means I have more to do later, but at least I have one done.
That would be a more significant problem, except that I still have all night to do the remaining sheets. Starting early helps get around unlucky conditions, tthough i still may end up doing a sheet or two before class tomorrow.
I wish class were more helpful, but it seems generally unconnected from the act of doing calligraphy. That makes me sad, as also likee art it can't be taught just by looking. If e're going to learn calligraphy, then our hands are the prrinciple things that need to learn it, and class just isn't helping that. Maybe I should go to office hours, but they're fairly inconvienent for me.
Oh well, enough of my talking.
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