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It's kind of weird to think that, baring some major disaster, I won't be going to the BelCon general body again. From a social capital perspective, I'm pretty sure that this is bad for me: I have at least passingly met a large number of people thru BelCon, and the value of those connections is somewhat difficult to estimate. On the other hand, I no longer have to dread 7PM Monday, when I decide to subject myself to 1-2 hours of extreme unpleasantness. I don't believe that BelCon is fun, except in very rare circumstances. Especially since If I were there I'd have a hard time not being an important persoin: if not the Parliamentarian, then something very close to that. And I don't want to do that: I want to do other things, like homework. Hopefully, as time passes I'll be able to limit my involvement as I had originally planned. I came last meeting because there were a few loose ends that I wanted to tie up: namely, I wanted to put myself on Judiciary commitee so that someone there would know what they were doing. And people did that for me, since I had to leave for Exalted before that particular election happened. Granted, nothing may come up, but at least I'm there to make sure that something atrocious doesn't happen.
Well, I better make good on what I've said and do some statistics.

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