darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

It seems like it would be easy to determine from the bitching that I do in this space that I don't like my life much. This is absolutely not true. I haven't been updating much because i've been out enjoying my life instead of hovering over lj. Now that I'm sick, as a practical matter I wind up spending much more time in front of my computer screen, which produces updates much more consistently. Surprise, surprise, internet time is much less plentiful when there is so much going on around me.
Classes are large this semester, but basically fine. I have a 3-day weekend this week, because my one friday class is cancelled.
In a fit of something or other, a rearranged part of my room last night, and I'm much more happy with the setup now, as I think it is much more conducive to conversation, and the fridge is much more accessible. Also, it just looks cleaner, which is of course better.
That's most of the important details I can think of. Still sick, but it'll pass.

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