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Still alive. After tonight, won't actually be as busy as I conceive of myself being. Now, I've got eight pages to write (involving the doing of research), a stats project to do, and a bit of reading for another class.
It sucks how busy everyone seems to be this semester. I really hope it's better next time.
Parent visit went reasonably well. I got tasty food, nothing awkward happened.
Yesterday was entirely too busy. Phi Psi wasted four hours, then half a football game, then a short break, then shower, dinner and pledge induction, then LARP.
Larp was awesome. That's really all I have to say.
After this week, though, it is true that I don't have any major assignments/tests until after break, which is pretty awesome.
Break looks like it will be fairly full of things, though. There's a lot of stuff–writing my special project contract for Rob Lafleur, looking at stuff for life post-Beloit, gaming, etc–that I don't really have the energy to do on a daily basis that has been relegated to that time.

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