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Yup. Decided that I had to Dairyland again this year, that having done it once just wasn't enough for four years of college.
I initially thought I wouldn't have a team, because nothing being run was a game I cared about. Specifically, I was offered a spot in two WoD games, neither of which I thought would be fun to play for 24 hours. As I later discovered, however, Alex's game was not a random Mage game(the concept of which I despise) but rather a WWII game where my primary MO is to kill Nazis. What patriotic American can turn down an oppotunity to kill Nazis? Not this one. I talked to Alex again and got back on his team.
It should be a lot of fun. My team is Myself, Russell, Bryce, Becca, Jinx, and Anne(a freshman). And Alex running, of course. I think we'll win. And if not, we'll certainly have a pile of fun.
I still can't believe that this is advising week. I'm having to pick my last classes for Beloit. I made a workable preliminary schedule is 7 minutes, and that plus a special project is what I think I'll wind up with. I guess I'll have to wait and see.
Have work to do, but my schedule worked out such that none of it is due in the upcoming week. Which made me really feel able to do Dairyland and not worry about things, so that's good.
As for after college: I think, for thye meantime anyway, I'm going to work in local/state government. It may be what I end up deciding to do, plus having government experience is nothing but good for going on to do almost anything in Political Science. Where I don't know, and I'll figure that out once I've gotten a little contact via Georgia's Public Leadership class next semester.
I hope that's enough to tide everyone over. Wish me luck and have a good weekend yourselves.

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