darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

Had a scare today when I was told my ebay account (with Credit Card info) got hacked. Spent several hour changing a lot of passwords and otherwise getting shit sorted out. Should be ok now....it looks like whoever the theif was didn't do anythnig with it yet, as far as I know. And now, they can't.
Dairyland was good. We're planning the fifty year reunion of our characters, which will be awesome.
We didn't win, but it was the freshmen team that beat us. No offense to anyone, but I'm glad I lost to them: I hope that serves to get some of the cool people that played more involved. My pride has the niggling wound that we lost in part because of time difference, but fair's fair.
Symposium day tomorrow. I'd go, but the fact is that I've looked at the topics and its just a bunch of people talking about their study abroad trips last years. Frankly, i don't care or need to hear about that. Sleeping in for me.
Any Beloiter who is currently not doing anything for Thanksgiving and would be interested in sojourning to Chicago, my parents have said that I'm allowed to invite people, and I'd like to do that.
I think that's it.

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