darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

For today is Football day

That is correct, one of the things that I sometimes do is watch football. It's funny, because it's one of the few sports I consistently enjoy watching. Anyway, this break overlaps with bowl season, and so with the power of ESPN I have been indulging in quite a bit of college football. ut today was definitely the top of the wave, with the first bowl game starting at 10 AM, and the last game only at halftime right now. I haven't watched straight through, and I haven't tried to follow more than two games at once, but I have definitely spent several hours watching televison, a rare event since the stagnation and corruption of the History Channel and its ilk.
Of course, this also has a geeky tie. A character I've been developing happens to play for a group of strangely humanoid "Badgers", and as such I watched their contest today with particular interest, not so much trying to take notes as figure out how their patterns of play, information that I expect will be intelligible and interesting to exactly one person in the group. Oh well, it's still fun. And it was a pretty good game, so I'm hardly complaining.
Off to see if half time has ended. Hope college people are having good breaks.

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