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Two days

Yesterday was my day for Jury duty. The night before, I had to call and see if I actually had to show up. At my location, only standby jurors whose lasts names started with F through H had to show. Suffice to say that I was pretty PO'd for a lot of monday evening abou my bad luck.
Tuesday morning I got up, got my Chicago map and the directions google gave me (mapquest can die for telling me to take Eisenhower in morning rush hour), and proceeded to drive down to the court house. It took about an hour. Parking was fine once I got into the garage, but that took a little doing, and there were pedestrians everywhere, because they had to cross from the garage to the courthouse.
I proceeded to go through security, which almost cost me my swiss army knife. Upstairs, there was fooling around with my summons, and then sitting in a room that occuppied about 3/4 of the floor we were on (this was in the judicial office building attached to the courthouse, not the courthouse itself). About 9:50, and old bureaucrat walks in, walks up to this podium thing with a microphone on it, and gets us all seating facing him, except for those of us, such as myself, that can't see him because of a pillar. We're then told the basic ageda for the day. The first thing we get to do: watch videos describing the very basic setup of a courtroom and the people in it. Then we watched a second video about high-rise fire safety. The only good thing about these is that they were rather short.
After that, we were released to...mill about the room and read or watch network television as we wished. There were vending machines and bathrooms attached to the room, because leaving that area with cause was contempt of court. The way we were called to have the further possibility to be on a jury was by lot number which we had all drawn before we came in. I was lot 22. About 11:00, they called lots 23 and 25. About 11:45 they called, 12, 13, and 16. Other than that, I read special project books. At 12, we got released from the room for a 1 1/2 hour lunch. I went to their cafeteria, and paid roughly $5 for slightly different DKs food. After lunch, more reading, with no numbers called. I got anxious towards the end of the day, as I was really hoping to get out of there (if they discharge you at the end of that day, you don't have to come back). At 3:30, they told us they could go home early. Then they handed out our checks. That's correct, the Cook county taxpayers generously awarded me $17.20 for sitting all day. So I'm up 12.44, and down 10 hours. hmm...
Today involved a visit to the dentist. In addition to the usual cleaning, I learned that I am rather special. I chatted with the hygenist a bit, and in doing so realized it had been six years since I had my wisdom teeth out. It's hard to believe it's been that long. Anyway, when my x-rays come back the hygenist asks me again if I've had the wisdoms out, and as she shows me the x-rays she's got clearly show a pair of wisdom teeth beneath the skin. She assumes she pulled the wrong ones. Then the dentist comes in. He asks me about wisdoms, and then gives a knowing nod and explains that I was in fact born with six. The first four have come out, but these are still there. Fortunately, they're just buds, and if they do come through the skin they should be the equivalent of baby teeth: easy to wiggle out. No surgery required.
So apparently I have a lot of wisdom, and you should all listen to what I have to say. Yeah right. It is strange though, since nobody I know of in my family has six.
The last important thing that happened today was my parent's and I went downtown to have my birthday dinner at the Berghoff. The Berghoff is an old Chicago restaurant/bar that has been in Chicago for more than a century. In fact, my Great-grandfather used to get lunch there(there's a story here, but I don't feel like putting it in. ask me if you're interested). They've decided to close at the end of February, so
we had to go and have dinner there one last time. It was marvelous, and I can now say I've had a dish that involves jaegermeister as an ingredient. Also, the wait wasn't that bad, but then again this place seats like 250+. If you are in Chicagoland before February 28 (and really, on a weekday), I suggeest you go and see a piece of Old Chicago before it disappears forever. I don't think you'll be dissappointed, especially not if you like excellent German food.

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