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Got my computer back from the shop on Saturday, with a lot of help from Zee. Immediately noticed they had changed the front plate, in that there was no irritating light. Noticed a bit later that the speakers, I assume part of a related system, didn't work. I could still get sound through headphones, so it wasn't anything moronic.
Last night, I noticed a problem with a DvD, in that there were a lot of angry red dots that showed up while I was watching. This didn't happen Saturday night, when I watched a different DvD. This seems fairly minor, no big deal.
Then, about 1:30 last night, I turned away from the computer to do some reading, and when I turned back, the screen was black.
Now it won't restart. No idea why.
I think the CompUSA people owe me some explanations, some money, and perhaps some free service. This is much worse than it was before. At least before, I knew the computer wasn't dead. Now I don't know. Looks like I get to go down there again today. Oh Boy.

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