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A ripple and an undertow

Well, good job finding it.
I finally changed it. Been thinking about it for a while, but basically been lazy.
Why I did, if you're interested:
1. Rilasciare is a stolen name. I don't think I should be using anyone else's name (even from a fine roleplaying product like 7th Sea) as my own identity. I should be beyond that by now.
2. My old journal behaves in no way like a journal maintained by the real Rilasciare would. This makes me sad, especially hen I remeber that nobody else realizes that.
3. WatcherofDarkSky is a name a created for myself, originally for AIM. I'm much more happy with it, as I think it tells a lot more about how I think of myself than a nonsense word does.
Of course, it was too long to be a screenname itself, so this will have to do.
4. Not everyone who fould my last journal should find this one. Basically, I'm uncomfortable with people I don't know reading my journal, as that's not how I think it should be used. Also, there are a few people I know that I don't want reading it, because, well, they don't matter to me and thus don't get access to even my public thoughts.

Ok. More later, but enough for now.

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