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Right, then, maybe I should say a bit more - Thoughts for sharing — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Right, then, maybe I should say a bit more [May. 24th, 2006|11:22 pm]
Lease is signed, with my dad's assistance, which means I have the keys. It's a twelve month lease, which is daunting, but I think it will be ok, baring catastrophe of some sort. Hopefully not worrying about that will give me time to get established here.
Speaking of establishing myself, they are being kind enough to let me move in immediately. Which means now I need to get things like renter's insurance, power bills, checks, and internet taken care. All of which I shall inquire about tomorrow.
Then there's buying stuff. This will be more fun, I hope. Several critical things I need before I can live there in the most basic sense. Sheets, shower curtain, things of that sort. Fortunately, as I've already unloaded my car into the place, I now can easily transport anything that isn't furniture.
Still filled with a decent amount of confidence about this whole business, though tomorrow may shake that a fair bit, we'll see.
My building manager and I seem to like each other, which is especially convenient as he lives next door to me. Plus, it means that the few touch ups that it needs and that he said would get done are likely to get done.
I'd like to thank Jeff Ozanne and his wonderful family for letting me stay with them and receive their advice while looking around.
I don't think I'll be able to be online conveniently until my net access is hooked up, something that I have no doubt will happen significantly later than I would like. Gimme me a call if you want to talk, etc.

On to random thoughts:
Bio erased. Will put something there eventually. Probably that something will reflect that i'll probably treat lj differently since I won't be in college.
In the last day or so I've read Pratchett's Small Gods. I know there are many people out there who have read lots of Pratchett, so I'm curious: is this one better/worse than others, or basically par for the course? I've made some potentially unwarranted generalizations about Pratchett's writing that I don't want to share until I have some informed opinions about his larger body of work.
Civilization IV comes out for Mac at the end of June. I hope I have a job at that point, as believe it will be difficult to even think about acquiring one with that temptation in front of me.
Jeff is also decently responsible for this apartment in another way: it bears stylistic similarities to the ones he has had in chicago, as I particularily liked the feel of those and sought consciously to duplicate that feeling. OF course, it is rather different since I don't have a roommate, but I don't think that would be wise right now. Introspection requires space, after all.

[User Picture]From: lerite
2006-05-24 10:03 pm (UTC)
Toilet paper! Don't forget toilet paper! (I've forgotten it while moving twice and had to make 4 in the morning runs to walgreens.)


This time I forgot salt instead. Still haven't bothered to get any. I have soy sauce, that's sort of like salt.

I overdosed on Pratchett a while ago and haven't really been able to go back. He can be very good in small doses, but I find him irritating after about half a book.

Depending on service, getting internet hooked up can happen in as little as three days. I was pleased with mine.

I hope your weather is as much fun as ours, but not while you're trying to move.
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[User Picture]From: kate_the_bear
2006-05-25 03:17 am (UTC)
small gods is pretty par for the course with writing, but you have to understand that he mostly writes about a different civilization and so his character development happens in other books about other characters. I liked Small Gods more than most of his other books, but I'm a religious freak and so I would...people tend to love or hate small gods and regardless I would suggest you check out either a wyrd sisters book or a ankmorpork (spelling on both of those is questionable at best) because they are all short and easy to read and you won't waste much time discovering if there is a body of work out there you like. except for the Vimes books I'm pretty careful to take each one as its own book cause he does write each a little differently and the only one i demand consistancy in are the Vimes stories- cause there you have the same cast. Be well and good luck with you aparment.
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[User Picture]From: abmann
2006-05-25 06:19 am (UTC)
Yay for moving! Are you in Minesota already then? Wow. Life moves quickly.

Did you post your cell number already? ... checking ...
Yes you did. Yay!
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