darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

So you all know

Zee and I broke up after graduation. I apologize that I didn't post about this sooner, but I've been rather busy with other things.
It was an amicable break up, and we're still friends. It just became obvious to both of us that we were going different ways, both in terms of how we thought of ourselves, as well as our physical locations: She was staying Madison, I was going to the Twin Cities. With that, I didn't think it would have been a good idea to maintain it.
I don't think condolences are in order, as I'm not shaken up about it. I just realized that there were plenty of people that probably didn't know, and that probably should before awkward questions arose.
If people have questions feel free to ask, preferably by AIM if they are of an involved nature.
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