darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

Thnigs I've learned from old SNES games

Listed by game.
Harvest Moon:
1. 6 PM is the last hour of the day, but it lasts as long as you want.
2. At festivals, girls will always dance with you if you ask them.
3. Wild dogs are invisible.
Metal Marines:
1: When humanity eventually becomes stupid enough to blast most of the Earth's landmass underwater, many of the remaining islands will be perfectly geometrical.
2. When marines dies, their former barracks stands as a mute testament to their sacrifice. The only way to get house a new unit is to level the old barracks and build a new one.
Secret of Evermore:
1. The best way to get better at weapons and magic isn't to go out and combat deadly monsters; It's much better to just hunt rats.
2. You can make a spear a terrible weapon if you are so stupid as to hold it right behind the head.
3. Dogs (but not cats) are natural shapeshifters.
E. V. O. Search for Eden:
1. It doesn't matter whether you are covered in spiky armor, coming into contact with another animal hurts you and not them.
2. Gaia has a soft spot for freaks.
3. Only one or two animals exist in one location at a time.
Illusion of Gaia:
1. Flutes are viable weapons.
2. You can't climb three foot inclines without psychic powers.
3. Angkor Wat, the Pyramids, the Nazca Plain, and the Inca Ruins all existed when the world's continents had a very different shape, and their people were extinct even before the world assumed it's present form.


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