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So this morning, I went out to begin another day of exciting job hunting. I got outside and noticed that there were very few cars on the street, to an unusual degree even during the daytime. Well, then I noticed that my car wasn't there either. Panic, panic, panic. Eventually, after firmly establishing in my mind that I had not just misplaced it. I called city impound. Yes, it's there. Why? Well, as the clerk explained to me, Public Works originally scheduled street sealing for today, which of course means that all the cars have to be off the street. They then canceled the street sealing, without informing the police department. Therefore, the police show up this morning, see mine and presumably several others on the street, and tow them away. Well, then the blunder becomes clear, and so my car is impounded without it costing me anything. Well, sort of. The impound lot is unfortunately across town, and it's been raining all of today. I'm still glad I don't have to pay impound fees, but this is onerous in the extreme. Especially since, oh yeah, I was never informed there was going to be street sealing today. I understand moving the car, and could have done it easily, but I didn't know. Which makes this all the more aggravating.


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