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As per a deal I made with my mother, I got a hair cut today. It feels very odd, and I'm glad I cut the back of it earlier in the summer so I didn't lose all of it at once (as is, I only sort of have the feeling that a tremendous weight has been removed). I am also not sure I like hair this short in general, as it makes my head look extremely long. It doesn't look actively bad, and there are some aspects of it that I do like. I'm just not convinced by any means that I'll keep it. But it was an experiment, I had a good barber and that was kind of fun. I can always grow it out again.

Note: People should not whine at me about this decision. I know many of you have objected to me cutting my hair in the past, and I have taken your views into consideration. But I had long hair for six years and I decided to allow myself to be influenced because it was time to try something new. And I might very well have long hair again (nor is my hair that short now). I do like how I look with long hair, after all.

I can't share pictures with you, as I have no means to take digital pictures here.

There is nothing else of substance to update about. I'll let you know when there is.

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