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I went home to Chicago for the weekend, and ended up staying an extra day in Madison to hang out with some (but obviously not all), of the cool people I know there. Apologies to those I missed, if I saw everyone for more than a few hours I'd still be there.

I had to pick up my cousin (who is also named David but has a different surname, fortunately) from an organic farm in Stockholm, Wisconsin on my way down, which made the drive much more interestin because instead of driving through the forested wasteland that is I-94 north of the dells, i got to drive down the Mississippi river valley, which was gorgeous. It takes about an extra hour, but I may consider doing that on some future visit to Chicago to make the drive more fun.

Time at home was surprisingly pleasant. There was also a bunch of stuff to do: Saturday involved picking a fair few vegetables (mostly tomatoes), and in the afternoon I elected to stay home and help my dad boil them down rather than go sailing on the lake with my mother and aunt. My cousin chose sailing, and later confided in me that I had probably made the right choice.

Note that my parents boil down the tomatoes in an attempt to make sauce, but that they do not have the patience to actually follow a recipe or otherwise attempt to make good sauce. The result is this tasteless tomato water with a large quantity of tomato skins in it, as most of the tomatoes used are cherry tomatoes. I am rather glad that I don't live at home so that I can avoid eating this in the months to come.

I also noted that my mother an her sister bear a certain resemblance to jocks: they are alright by themselves, but put them together and their individual flaws get greatly magnified. Suffice to say, in such conditions they are to be avoided as much as possible: which is a large part of the reason I chose doing chores over going sailing. My cousin also agreed with this analysis, so I assume it is at least somewhat accurate.

Madison was fun. I met Mouse's new boyfriend, who reminds me of someone, but I'm not sure quite who (no one from Beloit). I had fun hanging out, to say the least, and got to roleplay in the flesh again, which was awesome.

Now I'm back, and much more motivated to make this thing work. Hope it lasts.

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