darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

I got a call from the security company I work for. Apparently tomorrow is training day, which means I'm in a room all day doing videos and whatnot. It starts at 8 AM. I get off work at the site at 7 AM.


I hope consciousness is not required for training. It certainly isn't for fingerprinting.

Edit: I got the call inside the grocery store, where not only is my reception shitty but the damn fan was so loud that I could barely hear the woman on the other end. As such, I wasn't really able to explain my situation, because I have no idea whether or not she would have understood.

Also, I might be able to still work things out so I'm off tomorrow night. The person working the night after me is also from the security company, and maybe he'll consent to a swtich (I have Thursday and Friday nights off.)

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